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Your business needs a great website. But let me guess – you would rather invest your time running your business than spending nights and weekends learning how to code a website. Well, I have a solution for you. Let me build that new website for you. I’ll blend my love for design and gift for problem solving to create a great website that will benefit not just you, but your visitors as well.


This company offers several training seminars each year. The owners of the company built the first website on their own. It wasn't mobily friendly, and they wanted to further improve the overall user experience. I invested time learning about them and their business, and then used that insight to craft a new website that their customers find easy to understand and navigate.

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CSBC Registration

Not long after redoing this companies main site shown above, they needed to make their existing registration system mobile friendly as well. I took on the project to help them switch over from an old platform, to a new event registration platform. The result was a template page that the customers were better able to scan and understand.

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